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Happy Work Anniversary, Cheryl!

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September 19, 2019

Happy Work Anniversary, Cheryl!


Cheryl Miller, Managing Director, just celebrated two years at Luna Data Solutions!  I took a minute to ask Cheryl some questions about her professional journey. 

Cheryl, a business major with an emphasis in marketing, began her sales career selling fire extinguishers door-to-door. Clearly, she has come a long way. When I asked her what best prepared her for a career in sales, she explained, "I am a high-energy extravert," adding, "I am also a problem-solver and very inquisitive."

Having grown up overseas, Cheryl tells me that as a child she travelled a lot, and as a result, "I have many experiences that I can draw on to make connections and spawn a conversation with just about anyone," which is essential for building relationships with customers.

More than upbringing, however, Cheryl's path as an accomplished sales professional has more to do with her talents and personal drive than simply circumstance. For Cheryl, "...the opportunity to be in a fast-paced customer facing role really appealed to me." The choice was clear. She says, "Pivoting from marketing to sales felt right.

Why Luna? Cheryl explains, "Luna is privately owned, local, and highly respected." Also, "Luna treats their employees and customers well," offering Cheryl the platform to provide such stellar results.

Cheryl has curated her abilities over the years, becoming a subject matter expert. The secret to Cheryl's success is diligence and passion. She says, "You must be prepared and willing to fail your way to success." And along the way, remember that "It is true that it may take no's to get you closer to a yes." 

We’re fortunate to have Cheryl on our team. Luna is grateful for two years with Cheryl and we look forward to many more.