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Integrated systems may be ideal, but there are factors to consider.-1

Strategic Candidate Recruiting

Finding Quality Professionals

Our strategic candidate recruiting process ensures that the candidates we engage are prepared to excel. Our recruiting process is more efficient, more streamlined, and more effective because we solve business challenges by adhering to our Luna Data Solutions Mission and utilizing our Company Values. Candidates we recommend are thoroughly screened and are prepared for quick placement at your company, selected to fulfill your expectations.

We understand that a company's consulting and recruiting needs are as unique as the company itself. We consult with our clients to better understand their needs and work with our clients to recruit the candidate that is the best fit for the job. To accommodate varied hiring models, we provide Contract, Contract-to-hire, Direct Hire, RPO, Payroll, and On-site Recruiting or Sourcing Specialist. Our in-depth knowledge of ever-changing technologies, labor markets, and company culture create the blueprint for the success of our recruiting process.


Our LUNA Mission

Learn - about our clients' needs and use our unique recruiting process to meet them
Utilize - our in-depth knowledge of the IT field to provide the most focused talent possible
Navigate - the candidate pool to identify the most qualified personal
Accommodate - every client need by providing stellar customer service


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