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Millennials and Their Bad Rap: Don't Sell This Generation Short!

Jean Janes

Posted by Jean Janes
August 8, 2018

Millennials get a very bad rap—they’re known as being frivolous, irresponsible, and unreliable. They also happen to be the new workforce. For better or worse, the millennial generation is tech savvy, vibrant, and geared to fill vacancies in all industries.

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What job incentives truly attract the millenial workforce?

In an article published early last year, contributing writers at Meshworking paint a very different version of this generally maligned group of youngsters. In Your Ping-Pong Table Is Worthless: Attracting Millennials, they describe how attracting millennials with superficial perks in the workplace aren’t going to be successful—or at least, lasting—because  educated, professional millenials are actually interested in substantial benefits rather than a break room stocked with candy or beer kegs for breakfast.

Our perception of beer pong tables and kegs might be flawed 

The underlying message of the article is essential for anyone hoping to attract and hire quality candidates: if you want to bring on professionals, offer them benefits that will call to that type of employee. The fact that, as the article suggests, most millennials are actually holding out for 401Ks, quality health insurance, and especially, development and educational opportunities. If this doesn’t sound like what would attract millennials, it may be because the general perception of millennials may be inherently flawed.

Maybe “entitled” is actually a young person knowing what to ask for and insisting on long-term retirement planning; “laziness” is actually a need to be driven by strong management and growth potential; “narcissistic” is someone coming into the workforce understanding that most business is driven by performance and profit, not who you’re besties with at work.

Inevitably, the negative perception so many of us have of the millennial generation will apply to some, but there are also many who break the mold, who are working towards long-term financial and professional goals.  

Which type of person would you rather attract as an employee? After all, hasn’t every generation had to overcome the cynicism of the one before?

Follow this link to read Your Ping-Pong Table Is Worthless: Attracting Millennials. It’s definitely a good—and enlightening—read for anyone hiring millennials.

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